Project timeline
GNP Status 2019 – 2022
This project has been an all-volunteer effort since 2019. It gained momentum on Gus’ 85th birthday in 2020, when a group of friends convened for a virtual celebration and committed to convene regularly. We have had regular virtual meetings and several in-person convenings in California, DC and Tennessee.

Oral History
Began conducting dozens of virtual conversations with Gus and key members of his network ( Over 30 conversations have been recorded to date).

Documentary Storytelling
Began capturing verite footage and interviews when Gus reunited with a peer group of activists in Birmingham, Alabama; when he was honored by the Arab American Institute Foundation; when he gave a virtual eulogy for his friend Bob Moses.

Archival Research and Preservation
Began compiling Gus’ personal archives including extensive newspaper clippings and documents from his political career, family and movement photographs; consulted with archivists and repositories; and began digitizing photographs.

Organizational Development
Established a non-profit organization and began solidifying program goals and pulling together fundraising tools.

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